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December 7-9, 2018

Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health


Strong Body, Spacious Mind: A Kripalu Yoga and Meditation Retreat.

December  28, 2018 - January 1, 2019

Santa Cruz, CA

Transform Stress - A retreat to build resilience and inner strength,

January 11-13, 2019

Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

Building Better Immune System for Lifelong Health & Vitality co-led with Dr. Elizabeth Boham   Discover how to up-level your health by boosting the functioning of your immune system. Offering natural techniques drawn from Yoga Science and Functional Medicine.

February 3-8, 2019

At Kripalu Center, Lenox, MA

Transforming Stress with Yoga and Ayurveda - A Retreat to Build Resilience and Inner Strength

February 17-22, 2019  

at Kripalu Center, Lenox, MA

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training .a professional level yoga teacher training - Available to all yoga teachers. 

 March 8-17, 2019

Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

2019    Instructing Yoga for Special Populations: Yoga for Every Body. A 500 hour professional level yoga teacher training





Yoga Teacher Trainings:


Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

For all yoga teachers.

When the body is fully supported, it will naturally relax, releasing deeply held tensions. Restorative yoga is the yoga of non-doing, and focuses on effortlessness and ease, using well-placed blankets, bolsters, yoga straps, and chairs to safely support the body in various postures. This process invokes a natural state of balance, replenishment, and healing rest.

During this program you will, learn a set of restorative postures, complemented with gentle stretching, breathing, and meditation.

Through direct experience, practice teaching, and feedback, you leave with the ability to confidently teach a primary series of restorative poses to your students as well as incorporate them into your own practice.

At the end of the course, you receive a letter of attendance verifying your completion of this 24-hour training.

Note Please bring your own props and eye pillow if you have them.

This program is eligible for CE Credits

Please call Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health at 866-200-5203 to register


Therapeutic Approaches to Yoga, Kripalu 300hr Teacher Training

How we take yoga out into the world and into our classes, and the variety of what we have to offer, plays a part in determining how successful we are as yoga teachers. This module focuses on developing skills for working one-on-one and for meeting individual students needs in a group environment.

This module teaches you how to offer posture modifications to create a safe and therapeutic environment in both group and individual classes. You will learn the key principles of Ayurveda, India’s nature-based health science, and how they support yoga instruction customized for the individual. You will also apply principles and techniques of restorative yoga to your class planning, learning how to customize restorative teaching for the populations with which you work.

This module includes

  • Advanced skills for working with private clients
  • Bringing principles of Ayurveda to your teaching methodology
  • Anatomy of the circulatory and lymphatic system
  • Cultivating a personal dinacharya (self-care) practice with Ayurvedic lifestyle tools
  • Tools and principles for teaching special populations (Note this will be an introduction to the basic principles of teaching to these populations, not a complete training in any of these areas.)
    • Restorative yoga
    • Prenatal yoga
    • Elder yoga
    • Yoga for chronic conditions such as cancer and fibromyalgia
    • Yoga for round bodies
    • Yoga for bone and back conditions.

For more information or to register please contact Kripalu School of Yoga and Ayurveda at 800-848-8702 or