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Kripalu YogaKripalu Yoga: Gentle with Sudha Carolyn Lundeen

Kripalu Gentle Yoga-  DVD that won several awards.  two 30 sequences.


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restorative yoga

Restorative Yoga – A Step by Step Guide to Deep Relaxation
Offers warm-up experience, detailed demonstration of the props needed and how to set them up plus a complete 40-minute guided experience of 8 restorative poses. Available at

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restorative yoga

Video demonstration of Sudha's Restorative Class 

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Taming The WindsTaming the Winds of VATA

CD offers a 35 minute yoga sequence for balancing the nervous system and calming the mind.



Finding Your WayFinding Your Way:

Expert Help in Navigating the Breast Cancer Journey

An in-depth resource composed  of two DVD’s & one CD.  These include meditation and breathing practices, lymphedema care, restorative yoga poses, a gentle wake up routine in bed, shoulder care and gentle core strengthening all that and life affirming stories from cancer survivors. Available at Elesa commerce



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Restorative Yoga DVD Testimonials




"Sudha brings her unique skillfulness and decades of experience to this superb DVD The instruction is detailed and precise and guides the practitioner into the healing magic that restorative yoga promises.The real genius of this flow is Sudha's sublime voice, and her loving instruction. It will soothe and calm you down to your very bones."

— Stephen Cope, author of The Great Work of Your Life and Yoga and the Quest for the True Self


"This DVD is exquisite. So relaxing grounding and beautiful. Sudha teaching is exquisite. Clear, warm and supportive. Highly recommend!"

— Margit C-psychotherapist, NY



Finding Your Way DVD Testimonials




Thousands of copies of Finding Your Way have been given away free to under-resourced women. This has been made possible through the

generosity of the Illinois Department of Public Health, Office of Women's Health through Ticket for the Cure Funds, the Colonel Stanley R. McNeil Foundation and private donors. For every copy of Finding Your Way that is sold, Forever Wholegives a free copy to an under-resourced woman at the time of her diagnosis. We are grateful for your help.


Finding Your Way is a comprehensive 2-DVD set that includes more than eight hours of programming, almost half of which focuses on hands-on practices of movement, meditation and yoga. There are nine featured presenters, including Elesa's meditation course and guided Yoga Nidra Yoga Nidra is on audio CD). Topics explored include the medicine of breast cancer, nutrition and lifestyle, acupuncture for symptom relief, physical therapy, lymphodema, movement and gentle yoga. Each segment features a specialist who is at the top of her game: Dr. Nora Hansen, the director of the Lynne Sage Breast Center at Northwestern Hospital; the beaming yogini, Phoenix Rising yoga therapist and holistic health nurse Sudha Carolyn Lundeen; and others, as well as truly inspiring, wonderful women who share their breast cancer journeys (in Spanish and English).

— Debi Winston-Buzil leads the kirtan group Devi 2000



“I can whole-heartedly recommend the DVD series, “Finding Your Way,” produced by Elesa Commerse, to anyone looking for more information on the benefits of holistic therapies for women with breast cancer.  As Program Director for Heartwood Center’s Women and Cancer Program, I find this DVD to be an invaluable tool in educating women about the many resources available to them through alternative forms of healing. Elesa has done an outstanding job in gathering highly respected practitioners to share their knowledge and experience in this beautiful, cohesive collection of healing segments. This DVD is thoughtful, thorough and very professional in its presentation.”

— Terri Clemens, L.Ac., Dipl. Ch., MSOM
Program Director
Women and Cancer Program
Heartwood Center for Body Mind Spirit


“The two DVDs and the CD called, “Finding Your Way,” that you gave me when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer have been invaluable to me. They have taught me more about my cancer diagnosis, the surgery and my recovery than I could have ever researched on my own.  It was something that my sister and I watched together several times and discussed while she accompanied me to my doctor’s visits and through my mastectomy and recovery.  I think my outcome and attitude were positively impacted because “Finding Your Way” gave me a path to follow that really worked for me. Elesa’s voice is so soothing that it puts me in a relaxed state of mind just by listening for one minute! This helps with the stress of it all. Learning that I was not breathing correctly when I first started watching the meditation part was surprising but I learned to do as the teacher instructed. I’m breathing better now. My journey has been made easier and brighter because of you and “Finding Your Way.”   Thank you for helping me and being a part of this journey with me. I really do know that I am a better survivor because of the impact that you and the Finding Your Way DVDs  and CD have on me. May your blessings continue to unfold!”

— Mary, Chicago, Illinois


“I feel very lucky that I qualified, by having a small, slow growth cancer, to have a mammosite. This is a fairly new process. Prior to my surgery there had been only 40 such procedures done at Christus St. Vincent Hospital, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I am 74 years old and had never had surgery so really did not know what to expect, other than the information given to me by the surgeon and oncology radiologist, which was good but not quite enough. “Finding Your Way” helped me to feel quite relaxed about the whole process and to have an understanding of the recovery period. Thank you, Elesa, for providing this beautiful DVD.”

— Cynthia, Taos, New Mexico

Kripalu Yoga Gentle DVD Testimonials



5stars_copy Delivers exactly what it promises: an extremely gentle and thoroughly relaxing yoga practice, July 7, 2006
By Beth Cholette "doctor_beth" (Upstate NY USA)
This review is from: Kripalu Yoga Gentle DVD (DVD)
Although there are many yoga videos that claim to be "relaxing," most move too quickly to allow you to truly relax into the poses. I'm happy to say that Kripalu Yoga: Gentle is different, as it delivers exactly the gentle, relaxing yoga practice that it promises. The video consists of two half hour practices (the first is slightly longer) designed to be done either together or separately. The main instructor, Carolyn Lundeen (Sudha), provides a soothing, instructive voice-over to the slow yet steadily flowing practice. Although many familiar poses are included, they are frequently motified to be more gentle--eg, Eagle pose done with the arms only.

Unlike many other yoga videos, this practice begins in a seated position. After a focus on breathing, you do simple seated stretches to begin warming the body. Next you move to your knees for a lunge series and additional twists. Following this, you do a series of three very gentle sun salutations: this is a very relaxed, slow-moving but flowing version of the sun salutation postures. Finally, you will do some standing poses (Warrior I, II, and Triangle) before moving back to the floor for reclined postures.

The first program ends in relaxation pose, and the second practice picks up from this point. Towards the end of the second practice, there is a several minute long "free" period during which Carolyn and her two assistants perform whichever poses they want; they instruct the viewer to do the same. I actually found this to be somewhat distruptive to the flow of the workout, as I would have preferred Carolyn's guidance to being left to my own devices. Overall, however, I found this to be a unique, soothing, and relaxing yoga practice which I thoroughly enjoyed.


 5stars_copy Kripalu Yoga with Sudha, June 3, 2012

This review is from: Kripalu Yoga Gentle DVD (DVD)
I am brand new to Yoga and purchased this video with the recommendation of my sister-in-law who is a professional yoga instructor/massage therapist. She gave me one 2 hour lesson in yoga which was my only instruction prior to purchasing videos. We live a 1000 miles apart, so getting together is few and far between. I have purchased many videos, but this video far exceeds anything I've watched. Other videos may have great content, but this video has the perfect amount of exertion and relaxation for the total beginner. Sudha seems to know exactly what you are thinking and feeling and always stresses to only do what your body allows, but in the same breath encourages you to go a little further. I find myself always picking this video over the other ones because I really enjoy the gentle workout. I have pain issues from past injuries. It's important for people to know their limitations and work with it, rather than blame a video for being too difficult. Sudha stresses, you don't have to look like the person doing the video, just listen to your body. I highly recommend this video to anyone starting out. It is also a very good idea to watch it first, so you can understand the poses before trying them, so you don't have to keep looking at the screen. Sudha is very good at explaining what to do however. I find the more I do this video, the better I remember what to do and the more I can flow with it. It just keeps getting better. I really hope she puts out more of these as I will buy them right away.

5stars_copy Good stretch!, July 19, 2013
By Peggy L "wtchywmn9" (cleveland OH USA)
This review is from: Kripalu Yoga Gentle DVD (DVD)
I like the idea of yoga, but not I'm not into doing it in a studio least not just yet. I'm getting older and need something to keep me limber...but I'm not very flexible. And I need something to help calm and center after the stress of the work day.

This is two very gentle routines of stretches. I like that there are 3 people doing the routine. They're all a little different, so you can see there's not one "right" way to do it. She constantly tells you to listen to your body, to do what you are able. Little by little I'm actually getting more flexible. And by the end of the first flow I'm calm.

A good DVD for beginners.

5stars_copy Very nice, December 6, 2012
By Daniel M. King "TrapperDan" (Jacksonville, FL)

This review is from: Kripalu Yoga Gentle DVD (DVD)
I bought this DVD for my wife to begin yoga with. She enjoys it a lot. Great for the beginner and advanced alike.



5stars_copy Gentle Yoga, November 26, 2012
By Yvette G. (Louisiana)
This review is from: Kripalu Yoga Gentle DVD (DVD)
I'm hooked on Kripalu yoga! Of all the yoga dvds I own, this one is the only one that suits my needs perfectly. The practice is challenging without being over the top, the music is soothing, and the instruction is superb. The flow is slow and gentle, and includes a short open meditation for including your own stretches. For me, this is a most relaxing, calming way to exercise every day.



5stars_copy Fantastic., June 10, 2011
By Jerome Glassman (Bethesda, MD United States)

This review is from: Kripalu Yoga Gentle DVD (DVD)
Of all the yoga DVD's I have, this is my current favorite. I've used it many, many times and it always leaves me feeling stretched and relaxed. The poses are very clearly explained and demonstrated and even a novice like myself was able to get a good session from it the very first time I used it. Very highly recommended.
5stars_copy At last, a 'down to earth' yoga workout, March 20, 2009
By Jill mus "Jill" (Bedfordshire)
This review is from: Kripalu Yoga Gentle
So no fancy leotards or manic music, but a lovely gentle, calm meditation with some great yoga exercises, led by a great teacher. Used regularly, you feel more vital and at the same time more relaxed.

I have tried many yoga videos/DVD's and I keep coming back to this one. There are two work-outs of around 25 minutes, so you can have a change, or you can combine them into one longer work-out.

I reckon you will end up loving this if you want to get into a calm space.

5stars_copy Very relaxing!, December 9, 2008
This review is from: Kripalu Yoga Gentle DVD (DVD)
I had this from netflix for about two months before I decided to purchase it. The gentle yoga is very relaxing. You can do either one hour or two half hour programs. The instructor talks while you do the positions so you don't have to look at the TV the whole time. As a beginner, I felt this very effective at stretching and relaxing my muscles. I don't know if someone really experienced would find it challenging enough. I'm overweight and was able to do it. There are no weird poses. Just nice, gentle stretching.



5stars_copy Love this video, September 27, 2008
By Elizabeth Odom (Fairmont, MN USA)

This review is from: Kripalu Yoga Gentle DVD (DVD)
This is a great gentle yoga practice. I heard once that if yoga doesn't feel good, it isn't yoga. It might be something good, but it's not yoga. While I'm not expert enough to know if this is technically true, I do know that up until this video, I'd never had the experience of a yoga practice that consistently felt good. This is truly a gentle practice, full of suggestions for modifications that allow you to enter into the practice without being an expert yogi or necessitating a trip to the chiropractor the next day. I feel wonderful when I'm done with this practice. The tape is set up into two approximately half hour practices that are easily combined into one if desired. I don't know the name of the teacher, but she does a wonderful job of being calming without being corny, and manages to keep the emphasis on the flow rather than herself.

I highly recommend this tape. I bought it based on the Amazon recommendations and am glad i did.
5stars_copy very satisfied, March 6, 2008
By H. Gage
This review is from: Kripalu Yoga Gentle DVD (DVD)
I am very satisfied with this DVD. The practice flows
and is very good for someone who is looking for a gentle
practice without alot of conversation. I would highly
recommend this DVD to friends.
5stars_copy relaxing-great short yoga, February 13, 2008
By Sheila E. Nay "Maine Grammy" (southern maine coast)

This review is from: Kripalu Yoga Gentle DVD (DVD)
My husband and I are in our 50's. Both active. We find this DVD a great 30 minute evening relaxer to do together. Great for first timers or experienced yoga students. There are two routines on it so that you can alternate to avoid overuse of muscle groups.



5stars_copy Gentle Yoga, October 30, 2007

This review is from: Kripalu Yoga Gentle DVD (DVD)
An easy to follow gentle yoga instructional DVD with a nice variety of selection for practice at home.
5stars_copy Kripalu Gentle Yoga Is The Best, November 5, 2006
By B. Richard (Ohio, USA)

This review is from: Kripalu Yoga Gentle DVD (DVD)
I am not an experienced yoga enthusiast. This dvd is excellent for an aging baby boomer with no prior experience.
5stars_copy Great product, March 14, 2006
By Marc Sherman (Warminster, PA United States)
This review is from: Kripalu Yoga Gentle DVD (DVD)
My wife just started yoga classes, and loves this DVD. The exercises are easy enough for a beginner, especially one of her tender years (60)who is not as limber as she used to be.