Sudha Lundeen
Sudha Carolyn Lundeen has been working in the Healing Arts for over 30 years as RN, Meditation and Stress Management Specialist, Mentor, Certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach, Certified Holistic Health Nurse, Workshop leader, Yoga Teacher Trainer and Yoga Therapist. She works with clients privately as well as in group settings. Sudha’s personal experiences with healing combined with 10 years in clinical nursing (Rehab, Recovery Room, and Oncology Nursing) lends a sensitivity and broad knowledge base to her teaching style that is described as welcoming, humorous and healing.


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Transform Stress, a retreat to build resilience and inner strength. with Sudha Carolyn Lundeen

December 28, 2018- Janurary 1, 2019


During this experiential retreat, you will learn:

* Exercises to rewire the anxious brain, backed by cutting-edge neuroscientific research
* Ayurvedic self-care practices that are foundational to health and well-being
* Breathing practices to bolster your immune system and turn on the relaxation response
* Restorative and active yoga practices that calm the mind and release tension
* Guided visualizations that create balance and peace of mind.
* This is the perfect time after the holidays to regroup and prepare for the new year with renewed strength and resilience.

*  Return home relaxed and rebalanced with personal practices upon which you can build.

yoga retreatFebruary 17-22, 2019

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health




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Sudha LundeenDecember 7-9, 2018.   

Strong Body, Spacious Mind: A Kripalu Yoga and Meditation Retreat. 

At Kripalu center, Lenox, MA

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You. Are. Amazing. As. you. are. Stronger than you know.

More beautiful than you think. Worthier than you believe.

More loved than you can ever imagine.

Passionate about making a difference.

Fiery when protecting those you love. Learning.

Growing. Not alone. Warm. Giving. Generous.

Quirky. Sexy. Funny. Smart.Flawed. Whole.

Scared. Brave. And so, so, so. much. more.

Be Strong. Be Confident. Be You.



...the following lines of blessing were found on a scrap of paper left at a restaurant I ate at recently.

I share it with you now with hopes that the words might resonate and inspire you as they did me.   


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restorative yoga
restorative yoga